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Liz DeRoche (aka The Singing Lizard) started playing piano and drums when she was just four years old. Growing up in the green valleys of Western Oregon, she drew her inspiration from nature and the simple joys of small-town living. As a child, she was surrounded by a tremendous amount of music. Her dad was a theater director and her mom was a music teacher. Someone was always creating harmonious music in the house. As a boundary-pushing teenager, Liz began to contemplate the most exciting life she could live.

Her intrinsic inquisitiveness led to seeking musical adventures abroad, back-packing throughout Europe and South America. She encountered music as diverse as the people she met. Music was a way of connecting with one another and she saw how empowering it was especially when interacting with young people. When she returned, she focused on working with kids and teenagers as a music teacher and mentor for non-profit and community organizations.

In 2010, Liz followed her dream of working as a full-time musician. She founded her own independent record label (AlphaBeat Records) to promote the release of family friendly music and began performing as The Singing Lizard, a nickname she acquired as a kid. With the creation of Electro-Kindie, Liz is one of the first artists to combine original and traditional children's music with electronic, pop, and dance genres. Her live shows are interactive, high energy and entertaining. Just watch all the kids line up for a hug from The Singing Lizard after a performance and you will truly understand the connection she creates with her audience. Adults make up some of Liz's most loyal fans, thrilled that she has inspired their children by gently encouraging the shy and channeling the exuberant to imagine, dance, and learn.


Live Kids Shows!

Find a live show near you to dance and sing your way into a magical imagination wonderland!

Birthday Parties!

The Singing Lizard will get your next party started!

Custom Music Packages!

The Singing Lizard creates one of a kind music with you and your little ones in mind.

Original Songs!

The Singing Lizard writes fun and unique electronic-soul songs that will have both kids and grownups singing and dancing with joy.

The Latest News!

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-- Blog --


I recently collaborated with the incredible team at HISHE Kids and multi-talented artist/animator, Ruben DeLuna, on three of my songs (“Imagination”, “Show Me Your Happy”, “Be Yourself”). The latest release, “Be Yourself” is a tribute to my niece and nephews. They are truly their own person, each with their individual ideas of how to be, how to dress, how to introduce themselves to the world. They are sensitive and strong, hilarious and intuitive, and they are unknowingly breaking every gender rule.

It’s not always easy to navigate this conversation, in a time when there’s increasing awareness of transgender adults, the youngest gender-nonconforming kids are also an important part of that conversation. That includes the kids who are adamant about having been born in the wrong body, as well as a much larger group of kids who consistently and markedly defy gender norms.

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OK, let’s do this, friends! I’ve just launched a Kickstarter campaign for my new album. The funds will go towards mastering, printing, artwork and press. I am SO EXCITED about this project! The COMIC BOOK is going to be amazing and the SONGS are so much fun. Please tell everyone you know! Share this project far and wide. Spread the word & spread the love. I cannot do this without your help! THANK YOU!


Hey DC! I’m coming to town to play 3 SUPER FUN SHOWS! I hope to see you!

Nov 12 @ 10:30am Boogie Babes @ Eastern Market
Nov 13 @ 6:30pm Bloombars
Nov 14 @ 3 & 4pm Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery


I am THRILLED to be coming back to DC for this very special Festival at the Smithsonian American Art Museum and the Renwick Gallery! Come see the new contemporary art installations of the WONDER exhibition and enjoy a fun-filled day with activities for all ages. I can’t wait to see you!!

Click here to learn more!

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