31 March 2016
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31 March 2016

Be Yourself – New Video from Club Called Awesome!

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I recently collaborated with the incredible team at HISHE Kids and multi-talented artist/animator, Ruben DeLuna, on three of my songs (“Imagination”, “Show Me Your Happy”, “Be Yourself”). The latest release, “Be Yourself” is a tribute to my niece and nephews. They are truly their own person, each with their individual ideas of how to be, how to dress, how to introduce themselves to the world. They are sensitive and strong, hilarious and intuitive, and they are unknowingly breaking every gender rule.

It’s not always easy to navigate this conversation, in a time when there’s increasing awareness of transgender adults, the youngest gender-nonconforming kids are also an important part of that conversation. That includes the kids who are adamant about having been born in the wrong body, as well as a much larger group of kids who consistently and markedly defy gender norms.

I’m certainly no expert on this topic, and while I continue to educate myself, the one thing I do know with absolute certainty is that every child needs to be loved for who they are right now – even if that changes over time.

I want this song, more than anything, to help kids recognize that they are awesome. Whatever they are and everything they’re not, my goal is to create a moment for kids to be free of judgment and just be.

Male vs. female. Boy vs. girl. Blue vs. pink. Superhero vs. princess. We have to get beyond defining ourselves and start treating people like, well, like a person. In all their complex, fluid, unique awesomeness. Be yourself!

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