-- Komodo Dragon Package

Give the gift of a completely original, one of a kind composition written, recorded and produced by The Singing Lizard aka Liz DeRoche.
This gift package includes:
  • 1 completely one of a kind, original song
  • Personalized picture printed on the CD
  • Signed copy of The Singing Lizard’s latest album “Make Believe”!
  • Optional Birthday Song

How It Works!

  • Fill in the questionnaire
  • Design the sound and style of the song with your little one in mind
  • Pay the incredibly low deposit fee of $100 (total will vary from $200 -$500 depending on the length and complexity of the song)
  • After initial review a final quote will be sent within 5 days for your approval
  • Song draft will be sent for your revision and approval
  • Allow up to 20 days (plus shipping) for completion of your original song
  • Now your friends, family and little ones will have an original, one of a kind gift that they will enjoy for a lifetime!

Example Songs

Example Song #1
schoolhouseThis song was written for the Preschoolers of Soundview School in Lynnwood, Washington. I was able to gather information about the Preschoolers day-to-day activities via the Teacher’s weekly blog and use it to craft an original song for the students. What a fun class!
(Total cost: $475)
Example Song #2
dakotaThis song was created for a little girl and her beloved stuffed horse, Dakota. I was able to use the child’s voice using snippets of video that her parents sent me which made it an extra special and unique song that the whole family will cherish for a lifetime! (Total cost: $295)

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